Ep 95 The Suite Life with Tyla Flowers of Smile Jamaica Resort

Woooo! New fave episode!! We got into so much this week! Ight so if you’ve been here for a while, you know I don’t get down with resorts. I enjoy immersing myself in the local community and feeling like I’m getting as authentic experience as possible while I’m visiting a new country and community.  This week my guest Tyla Flowers of Smile Jamaica Resort explained to me how she’s created just that with the luxury of a resort at your disposal. Y’all!  Here for it! While discussing the unique ways Smile Jamaica caters to solo and culturally interested  travelers, incorporates the local community and ensures the needs of disabled travelers are also included, we get into Tyla’s personal story and her why.  A week after delivering her daughter, Tyla suffered her first massive heart attack and was sent home. The next day she suffered her second and didn’t wake up for weeks. *deep sigh* Tyla’s story is one of the most dynamic and layered discussions I think I’ve had here on Travel N Sh!t and I can’t wait for y’all to get into how incredible she and her dreams are. 

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Guest: Tyla Flowers
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/smilejaresort
Website: www.smilejamaicaresort.com
Email: tflowers@smilejaresort.com
Host: http://www.instagram.com/_dCarrie 
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