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Looking for other ways to support the kid? Check out my affiliate links!

I get a small commission from any of the purchases you make using these links! These are all products and services I use and spend on, so I can personally stand behind their efficacy. Check them out!

Matte Swimsuits – My absolute fave for “cheap” yet quality swimwear. I like to rotate my swimsuits very often, so spending big bank on them isn’t an option for me. They have a sale every few weeks where I’ve scored suits for $10-$16. And let me note again, the suits are QUALITY. Always pleased.

Airbnb – Ya’ll tired of me mentioning them yet?? If you’ve yet to try them yourself, here’s $35 off your first trip ($20 off your home booking and $15 off your experience).

Jordan’s Jungle – my current favorite online nursery. I’ve ordered well over 10 plants from them in the beginning of COVID quarantine and I’ve loved them all.

Looking to grow your brand and create your own merch? Here’s who I use:

Printify – Great user interface from design to delivery. I use them to drop ship all of my shirts and most of my other merch.

Printful – A little more difficult to navigate the backend, but quality product and great embroidery items. All of my hats and most embroidered items are drop shipped through the good folks here.

Discount Mugs – Hands down the best user experience from start to finish. Also incredible pricing. I order my first 25 tees, 300 pens, and 100 8oz frosted cups for less than $300. EXACTLY. Incredibly easy to navigate from design to delivery – everything just makes sense. I used them for promo items that I keep on had and am still super pleased.

ConvertKit – I’ve been happily paying for their premium subscription. For those of you who are on my mailing list (you should absolutely be!) They’ve given me the most options to best serve you guys. From automations to dozens of options for the best templates, I’m able to craft the emails and let them do the rest of the work. They also have an INCREDIBLE support team and a ton of webinars and videos for learning how to use all of their offerings (which there are a lot of). I’ve also gotta say, most everything is pretty intuitive and easy to use, but the webinars make everything CLICK. 10/10 absolutely recommend.