Travel Resources

I’ve created a few different offerings to help you along the way. We all get to win.

Looking for a quick getaway for the weekend? Romance? Family friendly? Want to enjoy the outdoors before it gets cold? I’ve got you covered! 

5 cities. 5 different vibes. Each a few hrs drive from NYC. 

Save the stress of planning and focus on the road. 

Solo Travel planning course

With the climate of travel as it is, you’re either ready to travel now, or you’d rather wait a while and spend this time curating a perfect trip for when you do feel ready to travel. 

Either way, a solo trip IS in your future! I have the perfect tool to help you craft that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of.

In my “Six Piece N A Carrie On” Solo Travel Planning Course, I show you how my process has helped me safely navigate around 25 countries in about 3 years!  

Solo travel planning workbook bundle

The questions I ask to make sure I’m making the best choices, finding the best options and setting myself up for comfort and ease. The exact chart I use to help schedule all my excursions. And all the questions you didn’t know you should be asking. It’s all here. 

Is your time woth $9.99? Skip the learning curve and learn from my mistakes. Purchase your copy and the cheat code is yours. 

Mindful Traveler Course

This course is a seven day experience packed with the talents of seven dynamic Black women in wellness. Each email is crafted to help you spend a little time each day being intentional. Throughout the practice, we focus on a different modality each session and give you ways to seamlessly integrate it into your travels. It’s formatted so that you don’t have to pack a single extra item or buy anything you hadn’t already intended to. You can wake up any day of your trip and decide you want to pour into yourself and stretch beyond where you currently are. You already paid for your trip; this souvenir is free. 

There’s a lesson in every experience if you look for it. I’ve learned that being prepared won’t save you from everything. Knowing you’ve done your best to set yourself up for success, however, sure helps you feel better about any outcome. Check out the items I have personally used to set myself up for travel success.

Past Itineraries

Want to know where I stayed? What excursions I booked? People and places to check out in an area I’ve been? This list is constantly growing! I’ve listed a ton of region specific resources for the different destinations I’ve been able to explore.

Episode Playlists

Interested in a particular topic or destination and want to listen to listen to those episodes first? I got you. Check out these helpful playlists to get right to the info you’re looking for.

Packing List

With a million things on my mind while planning and preparing for a trip, it’s easy to forget something while packing. I use this master list to keep me on track and ensure I don’t leave anything behind. Download your copy here.