Who Is dCarrie?

Photo: LaMont Richardson

A natural creator, dCarrie has grown across different mediums of expression. In 2010 she began sharing her talents on the web with her blog TheVixinExperience, and expanded her digital presence to YouTube. From natural hair tutorials, to lifestyle vlogs and a series of conversations with young creatives and professionals, dCarrie has used her flair for conversation to connect through stories and shared experiences. After her first international trip in 2017, dCarrie quickly embraced a love for solo travel. That same year, she began writing for Taji Magazine, sharing the profound effects of seeing the world and growing through intentional travel. With a desire to impact and encourage Black women especially, Travel N Sh!t Podcast was launched in October of 2018 to encourage her audience to see the world with the resources they have.

24 countries, 20 of which were solo, 7 roadtrips, 15 cities and over 200 episodes later, topics like digital surveillance abroad, how your decision-making style affects your travel, and cryptozoology and the diaspora, are alongside destination reviews and travel growth strategies. Guests represent a diverse range of interests like an air traffic controller, marine biologist/ underwater videographer, activists, expats and other unique intersections of life and travel. Every Thursday, dCarrie and the occasional guest have a nuanced conversation about the intersection of travel and basic life shit – because travel is more than vacation.

Photo taken in Cartagena, Colombia by @nanisfer