Who Is dCarrie?

Photo taken in Cartagena, Colombia by @nanisfer

A natural born creator, dCarrie has grown through different mediums of expression. Starting as a lifestyle blogger with her blog TheVixinExperience, she won over her audience with her ability to write as colorfully as she spoke. Being a woman for simple yet effective flair and expression, she naturally transitioned her digital presence to YouTube with natural hair tutorials, lifestyle and conversation vlogs on her dCarrieTV channel. Through both mediums, her knack

for a good conversation gradually took center stage. Wanting to further impact her community and encourage them to travel with the resources they have, her entrance into the podcasting arena on the Beatsonfilm Network was her next natural transition. Her flair for conversation punctuated by her charismatic and relatable personality has proven to be the perfect recipe for her growing audience to discuss and absorb the ways the experiences of travel

flow into every area of life. A solo woman of color who started traveling after thirty, dCarrie knows first hand the narrative of “I don’t have the money or know how to travel like ‘them.’” Not hearing or seeing travelers who looked or sounded like her in mainstream media, dCarrie has become a gatekeeper of the message, “We all get to go!”. dCarrie strives to impress upon travelers of color the accessibility and profound effects of seeing the world and growing through travel. 

Podcaster Travel N Sh!t holds space for dCarrie and her guests to inform and inspire people of color to get out and grow through travel. Each Thursday, we discuss how our experiences reinforce the concept of travel being more than just vacation. 

Speaker On October 22, 2019 I was a panelist at the NYULYP Adulting 101: Budget, Hustle, Travel general body meeting. I used my experience booking and curating my own travels to educate and inform the members how they could accomplish their travel goals.

Host On May 11, 2018 I hosted and moderated the Life with Tray and Jea Season One Live Reunion in front of a live studio audience.

Writer Travel content creator for Taji Magazine. Check out a few samples of my work below.

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Photo taken in Cartagena, Colombia by @nanisfer