Hartford, ct

Hartford was such a joyous surprise! I didn’t expect much, but was blown away by a perfect weekend.

We stayed at the Goodwin Hotel. This was my first stay at a five star hotel and this experience didn’t disappoint. The staff, ambiance, cleanliness and location were all exceptional.

The first thing we did was ride with guide Stephanie at Ebony Horsewomen Equestrian and Therapeutic Center. And we didn’t just ride. We were actually able to bond with and prep our horses on our own. Stephanie gave us the rundown and was on hand for help and correction, but this was on us. I’d never been this up close and personal with an animal ON MY OWN. It’s one thing to pet a huge and powerful creature; it’s another to pick up its leg and scrape out its hoof. After the prep, we rode out to the corral and ran some drills to get the horses used to taking our direction. Next it was off to the trail through Keney Park, as we rode and Stephanie walked. The entire experience was incredible. If you have an hour or two, DEFINITELY spend some time with the ladies and their horses. You won’t regret it. Promise.

Things to do near The Goodwin Hotel:

The Russell– Black owned Jamaican restaurant
Bushnell Park – nearby park where we attended a Jazz Festival. Perfect for walks and picnics.
Black-Eyed Sally’s – Southern kitchen and bar

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