Ep 102 Defying Fear and Home/Travel Alignment with @Frantzceslys

Ya’ll! Another great episode in the books! This week I spoke with Frantzces of Defying Resistance and Chronicles Abroad Podcast about why the hell I’m so adventurous abroad and complacent while at home. We discus how her clinical experience has helped her in her own experiences living and traveling abroad, how her travels help her serve her clients, alternative healing modalities she experienced abroad and so much more. This episode is chock full of actionable steps to help you work through your fears and help you align your travel and home experiences. 

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Guest: http://www.instagram.com/frantzceslys
website: http://www.defyingresistance.com
Host: http://www.instagram.com/_dCarrie 
Show: http://www.instagram.com/travelnsh_t 
Network: http://www.instagram.com/Beatsonfilm 

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