Ep 46 China Has Minorities (Chinese Ones) with @MikiJing0225

While on my last trip, I had a 12 hour layover in Shanghai. So, I booked a walking tour to get the most out of the little bit of time I had while I was there. Little did I know, I’d learn SOOOO much about China and myself in that 3 hour window I spent walking around the city. My guide from the tour Miki, joins me this week and talks about gentrification in Shanghai, colorism, Chinese minorities, her visa process and quite a bit more. There’s a bit of history in here and so much to learn from her. Have at it folks!!

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Guest: instagram.com/MikiJing0225
The Vanishing “Chinese City”- www.airbnb.com/experiences/933153
Spots Hiding Behind the Bund – www.airbnb.com/experiences/424576

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