Ep 38 Massage Happy Endings and the Rest of My Colombia Experience- Remote Episode From Peru!

Y’all! Let me start with this… MA! EARMUFFS FROM 52:33-59:20. And Daddy, I’m sorry but I don’t think you’ve evolved to reading episode descriptions so you’ll prob just cut the shit off.

Everybody else, Cartagena was LIVE!!!! I had such a great ass, black ass time. I saw so many incredible sights. Met so many beautiful people, and experienced myself differently; through the eyes of the photographers who captured me living my travel dreams. Hear about it here!! I also answered an incredible question asked in my IG comments about travel to seemingly dangerous locations. Thanks Jo!!! Hope you guys enjoy this one. Cartagena has a piece of my heart with it now.

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Photographer from La Plaza Trinidad: @nanisfer
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