EP 202. Existing Outside of Our Blackness- Live Episode

Join Wanda of Black Women Travel Podcast, Shira of Black Girl World Traveller, and Nay Marie of Taji Magazine as we discuss the James Baldwin essay, “The Discovery of What It Means to Be an American”. 

From where Blackness falls on our heirachy of self, to how we use those perceptions to navigate foreign environments, this conversation would’nt be complete without YOU. This is the first live Travel N Sh!t episode and I was SO happy to have our listeners join in on the conversation. We had a fantastic time! Dive in! 

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I understand wanting to find the info you’re looking for with ease, so I created a few episode playlists to get you started. Check them out here: bit.ly/TNSepisodeplaylists    

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EP 202. Existing Outside of Our Blackness- Live Episode Travel N Sh!t Podcast

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