Ep 76 Keep Calm, Bring Your Carry On! With Jen Jen McKinney

Ep 76

Many of us use travel as an escape. This week I speak with the author of “Keep Calm, Bring Your Carry On! The Ultimate Sefl-Care Guide for Travelers of Color” Gentamu (Jen Jen) McKinney. We get into her why, her personal story and experience with mental health disorders, how we can help ourselves and others through mental hardships, and how the current climate of travel and travel influencers of color can help change the stigma of mental health in our communities. I’ve been featured as one of the travel influencers in her book and I’m really excited to have her share her experiences self publishing as well as discussing her role as a mental health advocate. 

Trigger warning: This episode may be difficult for some listeners, as we discus very candidly dealing with a parent with mental health, drug and alcohol issues. But we also discuss tools and resources for seeking and accepting help. Get into it. 

If you or someone you know needs help, don’t hesitate to call

(USA) Suicide Prevention Lifeline —> 1-800-273-8255

(UK) HopeLine UK —>  0800 068 4141

(France – English speaking) Suicide Ecoute —> 0033 145 39 4000


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