Six Piece and A Carrie On – Experiences

In this six part series “Six Piece and a Carrie On” I break down the different areas I focus on while traveling: Google, accommodations, experiences, nightlife, wellness and food. In this first packet, I decided to be a tourist in my own city to give you a visual to how the process looks.

In this “experience” episode I walk through Harlem with Dr. Mikaila Brown, a fashion anthropologist who host a sidewalk fashion tour on @airbnbexperiences. We talked history, fashion, blackness home and abroad (y’all know that’s a top five favorite convo of mine by now lol) and quickly became FRIENDS. I love how these seemingly mundane ways to have fun in an area become incredible life experiences. I promise this is just a snippet of the incredible day we had. Native New Yorker or visitor, book a tour with @tctproject and experience it for yourself. Links over at

I’m also proud to note that this entire project supported “small” business and artists of color exclusively. From my videographer, the experiences, the shops, the homes, the businesses down to the music in each video. Support small business and unsigned artists.

Shot and edited by: Hydeeah Johnson @notcommon
Music: Ready – @NyemiahSupreme

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