Six Piece and A Carrie On – Accommodations

I created a six part series “Six Piece and a Carrie On” where I break down the different areas I focus on while traveling: Google, accommodations, experiences, nightlife, wellness and food. In this first packet, I decided to be a tourist in my own city to give you a visual for how the process looks. 

This little nugget is about accommodations. I breakdown what app I use the most to find a place to stay when I travel, why I use that app and why I stay where I stay, and I even talk with one of Brooklyn’s Airbnb superhosts, my cousin Richelle. Be sure to check out our FULL interview visually here on YT or the audio wherever you stream your podcasts this Thursday!

I’m also proud to note that this entire project supported “small” business and artists of color exclusively. From my videographer, the experiences, the shops, the homes, the businesses down to the music in each video. Support small business and unsigned artists. 

Shot and edited by: Hydeeah Johnson @notcommon

Music: Brown Jewel @brownjewelshines

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Host: @_dCarrie

Show: @TravelNShit_

Network: @Beatsonfilm 

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