Ep 55 ATL Shawty!

Ep 55 ATL Shawty

Still working out a few kinks with the recording guys! Bear with me. The first 12 minutes got lost, but the full podcast is still available on all the same DSPs (digital streaming platforms – iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify & SoundCloud for now). I’m running with getting it done, instead of getting it perfect, y’all. I committed to having video by the beginning of year two (WOW a year went by FAST!!) and here we is! It can only get better from here! Thanks for fuckin wit the kid!

What it do?! I was in the A for a quick little getaway and got to link with my now grown, baby cousin. We talked about so much shit and it really blows my mind every time we chop it up. She wild smart y’all. Gentrification, Collin Kapernick, the kitchens, the changes in the neighborhoods, black creativity and the movement of this country’s “black capital”. Mad stuffs. Oh, they interview me at the end. Get into it.

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