NYC Roadtrip Itinerary Pack

Roadtrips give you the flexibility of taking the most control of your itinerary! No airline delays or cancellations! The luxury of sitting in your own germs, instead of the shared petri dish of airports, and the freedom to move along your route at your own pace. All countless opportunities for impromptu joy!

I’ve put together an itinerary pack that includes five different weekend friendly roadtrips, a few hours drive from NYC. 

🗺 It is designed to give you a loose framework of how to spend your time in FIVE different locations, all a few hours drive from NYC.

🗺 Each city can be done solo or partnered, and tailored to fit your tastes. 

🗺 Anywhere recommended is someplace we have been and enjoyed between now and late 2020.

Included in this Packet:

🛞Itineraries for weekend trips to 

    📍 Washington, DC

    📍Philadelphia, PA

    📍 Hartford, CT

    📍 Johnson/Burlington, VT

    📍 Montreal, CA

🛞Packing list 

🛞Pre-trip car prep guide 

🛞Travel N Sh!t Podcast playlist of roadtrip content

Save yourself the time of planning, and skip to the getaway. 

Take advantage of no limitations or fees on baggage and make sure you bring it all! Let this itinerary pack take the stress of planning and packing off the table while you focus on the road. 

Purchase your copy today!